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I am not a pro in jquery and js. I have used jqDock plugin to create fisheye menu for my web site and with the help of a friend I managed to give the menu an active state so on different pages that specific menu element would remain expanded.

Here is the problem: If you hover your mouse in between the two elements of the menu and move slowly between them upwards or downwards , you'll get this terrible flicker effect. I don't know why it happens and how can I fix it and if it is doable at all as far as it's a plugin and I haven't write the code from scratch!

The menu example on the website that I provided the link on top doesn't have this bug. If I remove the active property the flickering will go away.

here is the url to my website: link to the menu

I did search the entire forum, I searched the jquery forum itself, and even posted my question but I got no answer, except one which was not helpful. Basically the questions on the forums are more about implementing the fish-eye plug in, or giving it a fixed position and ... I haven't come across and post that actually wants to manipulate the plug -in in this specific way.

I appreciate your help a looooot cheers. MARYAM

Here is the little jq that I have written and we had to change the jq library that came with the pluin as well; Let me know if I need to include more code in order to help you help me :)

function loadPageContent(tagid, filename, actionafter, active) {
  url: filename,
  success: function(result) {
   $('#' + tagid).html(result);
   if (actionafter == 1){
     align: 'middle',
     size: 55,
     coefficient :1.5,
     fadeIn: 0,
     distance: 130,
       active: active
  error: function(result) {
   $('#' + tagid).html(result);
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I can only help if I can see the full (ie. non-compressed) source code. The code included on the website has been modified (from jqDock v1.6 source) and re-compressed, which makes it extremely difficult (understatement!) to tell what has been changed. (I have also responded - with the same answer - to a direct email from the poster)

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