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I had this route in my rails2.x app

map.with_options(:controller => "web_page") do |site|
    site.connect "*url", :action => "index"

which directed every namespace after my root to a controller called 'web_page' and to an action called 'index'

Ex: if a I type http://localhost:3000/products it goes to http://localhost:3000/web_pages/index

if a I type http://localhost:3000/services still it goes to http://localhost:3000/web_pages/index

But how can I do this in rails3 routes

pls help

thanks in advance



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You can use:

match '/:all' => 'web_page#index', :constraints => { :all => /.+/ }

request to http://example.com/this/is/a/test?option=true become:

class WebPageController < ApplicationController
  def index
    @all = params[:all] # "this/is/a/test"
    @path = request.path # "/this/is/a/test"
    @query = request.query_parameters # {"option"=>"true"} 
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Hi Sinetris, it worked thanks a lot –  sameera207 Nov 22 '10 at 16:08

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