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Here's a php function and it works perfectly.

$values = array(

        'php' => 'php hypertext processor',

        'other' => array(
            'html' => 'hyper text markup language',
            'css' => 'cascading style sheet',
            'asp' => 'active server pages',


function show($id='php', $id2='') {

    global $values;

    if(!empty($id2)) {
        $title = $values[$id][$id2];
    else {
         $title = $values[$id]; 

    echo $title;


When i execute this <?php show(other,asp); ?> it displays active server pages and it works, but when i do it this way it shows an error


$lang = 'other,asp'

show ($lang);


It doesn't work., Please help me out here

P.S : It works if i pass variable with single value (no commas)

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Thanks everybody for your answers. Each method you guys provided worked well, I dont know whose answer to mark as correct as all answers are correct, Please help me, Whose answer shall i mark as correct – Roccos 0 secs ago edit – Roccos Nov 21 '10 at 21:44

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If you'd like to pass it in the way you have it, maybe try using explode:

function show($id='php') {

     global $values;
     $ids = explode(',',$id);

     if(!empty($ids[1])) {
         $title = $values[$ids[0]][$ids[1]];
     else {
          $title = $values[$ids[0]]; 

     echo $title;

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You can't pass two variables in one string. Your string $lang needs to be split up into two vairables:

$lang1 = 'other';
$lang2 = 'asp';

show($lang1, $lang2);
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It fails because the key "other,asp" doesn't exist in $values.

In other words, it is trying to evaluate the following:

$title = $values['other,asp'];

PS, it's always useful to provide an actual error rather than saying "it doesn't work".

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The actual error is it wont show anything, thats all... – Roccos Nov 21 '10 at 21:52
But your question says "but when i do it this way it shows an error".. – Hamish Nov 21 '10 at 22:00

This is because $lang will get interpreted as a single argument, so $id2 will be 'other,asp'. You need to pass them into the function separately:

$id1 = 'other';
$id2 = 'asp';

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P.S : It works if i pass variable with single value (no commas)

You are assigning $lang to the value 'other,asp', and then passing that sole $lang variable to the show function. There is no key named "other,asp" in your $values array.

Having a comma in the string doesn't mean you're splitting the parameters, it means you're passing a single string value. You have to "pass a variable with a single value", or do it like this for multiple parameter values:

$lang = "other";
$sub_lang = "asp";
show ($lang, $sub_lang);

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You are returning one string instead of the two required... how about rewriting your function to handle them instead?

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