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I can't figure out how to change the webdav password. I've done some searching, found many resources of how to add a new user to webdav, but nothing about changing password. Anyone know?

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What WebDav server and/or client are you talking about? – Peter Štibraný Nov 21 '10 at 22:31
Not going to lie, I don't have much knowledge on WebDAV. Trying to change the password of the default user (xampp) on my local machine – Rob Nov 22 '10 at 20:58

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Passwords are stored in webdav.htpasswd file.

If you open it, you will see an entry like this

wampp:XAMPP with WebDAV:bc7f2b670e7e965e307feb30492e642e

That's the entry for user wampp: in realm XAMPP with WebDAV: with password which is encrypted.

To change password, you should use htdigest.exe.

See manual. It is used to create and update user authentication files. You should find in the bin directory of xampp installation.

To do that, do :

htdigest.exe "pathto/webdav.htpasswd" "XAMPP with WebDAV" yourusername

This will be returned: Adding user yourusername in realm "XAMPP with WebDAV"

You will then be asked for the password for yourusername

New password: yourpassword

Re-type new password: yourpassword


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How do you remove the default password? I just deleted it from the .htpasswd file. Afraid it will have a wicked backlash. – Wolfpack'08 Nov 28 '11 at 14:30

Replace the content of the file C:\Program Files\xampp\security\htpasswd.webdav with your username, a colon and the password. Note: Everyone who can see this file can see the password!

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Assuming you're talking about doing a password change at the server from a client, I don't believe WebDAV supports such a transaction.

You'd use something like a shell logon or a Web-based admin page to do this.

This always struck me as odd for a lot of network services, for example FTP or email. It seems to be common though.

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Rob said: "Trying to change the password of the default user (xampp) on my local machine" – thejh Nov 28 '10 at 19:23

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