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I have embedded the JW Player on my page. When the video is playing, I want to read out the state of the video. I also want to pass one variable to the function that monitors the player (to show a player-specific ad).

So I've created a custom playerReady function like this:

function playerReadyCustom(thePlayer, theSponsor) {
  player = document.getElementById(thePlayer);
  player.sponsor = theSponsor;


var attributes = {
  id: "vid123",
  name: "vid123",
  styleclass: "videoplayer"

swfobject.embedSWF("/player/player.swf", "mediaspace-123", "710", "420", "9.0.0","/player/expressinstall.swf", flashvars, params, attributes);

playerReadyCustom('vid123', 'sponsor');

I am not a JavaScript programmer, unfortunately. I do not know how I can get the ID of the player to pass it to the playerReadyCustom function. If I pass this function mediaspace-123, then the player object becomes a HTML object and I can subsequently NOT add the ModelListener to the player object. So instead of passing vid123 to playerReadyCustom(), I need to pass either the player object or the player's ID to get the player object in playerReadyCustom() somehow.

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