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I have table within the div. If I view it with IE9 or FF then it is ok. But if I view it within IE8 the table grows beyond the div border. Any ideas?

  <table width="100%" >
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@user sorry i didn't cee that you already gave width as 100% –  kobe Nov 21 '10 at 23:16
@can you post the complete html with data, i think text might be going beyond , try overflow –  kobe Nov 21 '10 at 23:23

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Give table width as 100% so that it will occupy div and wont cross it.

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You could set it inside it's own div with overflow: scroll; so that it makes a scrollbar when the table expands too much...

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check what box-sizing is set by default by the browser.

box-sizing: content-box; means:

The specified width and height apply to the width and height respectively of the content box of the element. The padding and border of the element are drawn outside this area.

box-sizing: border-box; means:

The specified width and height determine the border box of the element. Any padding or border specified on the element is drawn inside the remaining area. The content box is computed by subtracting the padding or border widths of the respective sides from the specified width and height.

it night just be a matter of changing the box-sizing value. there's an article about it here: http://ie8demo.com/BoxSizing.aspx

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Do you have a width set on the div? If so, it will stick to its width, allowing the table to overlap. Try removing the width and it will expand to its container's width. If you want thwe div to fit the table size, you can float it.

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Add the style display:table to the div tag. This causes the element to act like a table.

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