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var add = [];

add[0].url = data.url;
add[0].photo = data.thumb;


This'll be an instant know for most JS people. The code above is failing, anyone able to tell me where I'm going wrong

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add[0] doesn't exist... .push something first.

add.push({ url:data.url, photo:data.thumb })


add[0] = {};
add[0].url = 'blah';
add[0].photo = 'foo'
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You are assigning to properties of the add[0] object but you haven't made any such object.

add[0] = { };
add[0].url = data.url;
add[0].photo = data.thumb;
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A different option for you; instead of pushing into an empty array, and declaring an empty object

var add = new Array(); //create new array object
add[0] = {url:data.url, photo:data.thumb}; //add new object with items url and photo
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