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I made a pool of about 20 strings that each display different sayings. I want one of those sayings to display to a text view on random.

I cast an integer as a random 1-20,

int randomNumber5 = (int) Math.ceil(Math.random() * 20);

and created strings named randomString1, randomString2, etc...til it hits 20.

The best way I could think to do this, was assign each string a number between 1 and 20 as a case.


  case 1:
  case 2:

but I feel like there is a better way to do this right?

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Use an array or list.


Each element of RandomString[] is loaded with a message.

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How do I go about putting all the sayings into an array/list? – Sapp Nov 22 '10 at 2:28
There are a number of ways: w3schools.com/js/js_obj_array.asp (I'm assuming your code is javascript, though you didn't say.) – ddrace Nov 22 '10 at 2:58

I would say create an array of strings (the sayings) and get the random number to decide which index to access.

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How do I go about putting all the sayings into an array/list? – Sapp Nov 22 '10 at 2:30

Your method would definitely work but if you had to change your requirements to display 100 or 1000 strings, typing 100 or 1000 cases would not too much fun.

I would stuff the strings in an array or list and return the string by the randomly generated index.

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