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Possible Duplicate:
Linking C++ code with 'gcc' (without g++)

GCC provides the -x lang option, which allows you to modify the assumed language during compilation. What is the equivalent for the link step? I wish to link a program that has C++ dependencies via the gcc command.

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You need to link against libstdc++ by passing -lstdc++.

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Using the -lstdc++ flag should do the job.

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Who answered with -lstdc++ first? – Matt Joiner Nov 22 '10 at 5:50

You need to run the g++ frontend instead. (automake also does that as you will see - it calls CXXLD instead of CCLD when one of the source files is .cpp.) [Just using gcc with -lstdc++ won't help, because the gcc and g++ frontends can use different linker commands. On mine, gcc adds --as-needed when calling the linker, while g++ doesn't.]

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