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I am writing a program in PHP that uses file uploading and file downloading. The one problem is that the files can be any type, and I don't know how to make it so that the link makes a download popup appear. How do I do this?


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So to help put this all together for you.

Page 1 (User selects a file to download)

files_to_download.php (file that user sees)

<a href="download.php?file=file1.pdf">PDF File</a>
<a href="download.php?file=file1.doc">Word Doc File</a>
<a href="download.php?file=file1.ppt">Power Point File</a>

download.php (file that is linked to)

$file = $_GET['file'];

// set your path
$path = '/path/to/your/files/';

// you'd probably want to do some error check here
// e.g. does file exist, etc.

// start download
header('Content-Type: application/octet-stream');
header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="' . $file . '"');
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If you put

header('Content-Type: application/octet-stream');
header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="blah.dat');

into the PHP file that serves the download, the browser will always open a download window, even for files it could handle by itself.

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So, where would I put this? I have a loop printing out links to the files. Should the header be included in this loop? –  Andy Haskell Nov 22 '10 at 2:41
You can't do that from the page with the link, you have to do it in the page that is downloaded. –  AndreKR Nov 22 '10 at 2:42
See my answer for a solution if the download files are static. –  ThiefMaster Nov 22 '10 at 2:43
So, you mean that I have to put in a page for each downloadable file? –  Andy Haskell Nov 22 '10 at 2:43
No, one page for all of them. It can accept a parameter to choose which file to download. –  AndreKR Nov 22 '10 at 2:45
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Setting the appropriate content disposition should work:

header('Content-Disposition: attachment');

You need to do this in the PHP script which sends the file contents. If the files are static and not served via PHP you can also do it using a .htaccess file (when using Apache):

Header set Content-Disposition attachment
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