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I have a sequence with a structure like this:

(def date-sequence [[20101121 10] [20101120 9] [20101119 8] [20101118 7]])

This looks to like a nested vector to me, but I'm unsure what to name it. Within each "nested vector" are two elements, a date element and value element: [20101121 10]. Let's call the date element 20101121 x, and the value element 10 y.

I want to learn how to find the date(x) and value(y) that correspond to the minimum value(y) across the entire date-sequence.

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Try the following:

user=> (apply min-key second date-sequence)
[20101118 7]

You can then use first and second to get the date and value.

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Thanks! Just what I needed! –  Michael Nov 22 '10 at 4:36

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