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I need to add a User Control to a window at runtime. Now my problem is that i need to instantiate the window first and then add the User Control to that window. After all this the window only will be shown

My thoughts was this:

Create the instance of the User Control first:

     string managedClassName = "SupplierModule.Views.SupplierInvoiceView, SupplierModule";

     var userControl = Activator.CreateInstance(Type.GetType(managedClassName));

Then create the window :

     NavigationWindow navigationWindow = new NavigationWindow();

and then add the User Control to the window.

So my problem is, how do i add this user control to the window?

I don't know if i have approached it in the right way. So if its wrong please point me in the right direction.


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You are using WPF and MVVM

1- Define below code in the Xaml

            Content="{Binding TableDetailsDataFormView}"/>

2- Define a TableDetailsDataFormView property in your ViewModel.

3- Assign the property TableDetailsDataFormView when you createded your ViewModel.

4- I am assuming that you have implemented INotifyPropertyChanged then called the appropiate method to notify the UI

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My NavigationWindow is in a different project in my solution from where i am creating it now. Is there a reason why i can't access any methods or properties in the window? –  Willem Nov 22 '10 at 7:07

If you want to use the NavigationWindow, you should use a page to which you add the user control. First create a Page, then set Page.Content to the user control and then use Navigate(page) to navigate to this page.

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