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I want to use the getJSON() method for cross domain check i am using the following

<script> jQuery.getJSON("http://localhost:3003/home/unique_email/1?email=example@gmail.cmo&callback=result", { format: "jsonp" }, function(result) { alert(result.text) }); </script>

in the controller

def unique_email
count = User.count(:all, :conditions => ['email = ?',params[:email]] )
result =

if count > 0
  result[:text] = "false"
 result[:text] = "true"
respond_to do |format|
  format.json {
  render :json => result


I am getting alert in the same domain, which means that i am getting alert in my application but while putting the code out side the application means i am not getting any Error but the application action is called .. But i am not getting any response from the application.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks & regards,

Ramanavel Selvaraju.

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I found Answer for this ,

Wen need to add the render_json method in application controller.


    # render json, but also allow JSONP and handle that correctly
    def render_json(json, options={})
      callback, variable = params[:callback], params[:variable]
      logger.debug("render json or jsonp? Callback = #{callback}, Variable=#{variable}")
      response = begin
        if callback && variable
          "var #{variable} = #{json};\n#{callback}(#{variable});"
        elsif variable
          "var #{variable} = #{json}"
        elsif callback
      render({:content_type => :js, :text => response}.merge(options))

So the we can get the dattype as jsonp in jQuery ajax.

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