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I was working with python-twitter and realized that twitter provides streaming api to consume tweets in realtime. I found one example that uses pyCurl here

Have anyone tried or know how to use that with python-twitter library? please let me know

Thank you

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python-twitter doesn't support twitter's real time API.

You will have to use Twisted, Tornado or Eventlet to consume such a real time API.

I know not, of any existing open source libraries in Python supporting this service right now.

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You don't need any of those async libraries for Twitter streaming. You can use oauth2 module to authenticate and the built in urllib module to make the HTTP requests. –  Spike Gronim Mar 15 '11 at 22:55

Check out tweetstream for a nice high-level library to access twitter's streaming API.

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Tweepy has good modules for streaming. You can see examples here.

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