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I currently have some performance issue in some application. Since this is not what I programmed, I am not sure if what I say makes sense, but please take a look.

Lets consider a region as an example. If there are about 10000 intersections and other map data, is it better to cache every information into objects for fast access to map data? Or is it better to query toward esri database to get that map data?

Somebody designed this to cache map data into objects but this takes a lot of time.. so I am wondering if it is a good approach for the performance.


Each silverlight GUI sends duplex message to the Server for the required data from the server:

WCF.serviceClient.ProcessMessageCompleted += new EventHandler<ProcessMessageCompletedEventArgs>(serviceClient_ProcessMessageCompleted);

is it OK? or should I keep minimum number of Asynchronous event handlers in a project? Are asynch event handlers are related to performance?

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