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How to remove the quotes from json object:

Using php, i get the data in the following format(display the data using console.log())

    ["Catching the Wind in Rural Malawi § SEEDM...", "3"], 
    ["Engineering § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM...", "2"], 
    ["Technology Review India: Nissan's Lea...", "2"], 
    ["Alternative Fuel Consulting & Technical Tr...", "2"], 
    ["MIT OpenCourseWare | Science, Technology, ...", "2"]

How to remove the quotes using jquery/json,I need string like this(no quotes around the number):

    ["Catching the Wind in Rural Malawi § SEEDM...", 3], 
    ["Engineering § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM...", 2], 
    ["Technology Review India: Nissan's Lea...", 2], 
    ["Alternative Fuel Consulting & Technical Tr...", 2], 
    ["MIT OpenCourseWare | Science, Technology, ...", 2]
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You ought to accept an answer for your other questions. – Kevin Nov 22 '10 at 7:24

You don't. You parse the JSON, convert them to integers, and then stringify again.

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