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How to translate this declaration?

typedef void (CALLBACK *pCompletePlay)(LONG lvrPlayHandle, LONG lUserData);


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You should use the stackoverflow post editor to format your source code as code, making your post more readable. – sum1stolemyname Nov 22 '10 at 9:15

type pCompletePlay = procedure( lvrPlayHandle, lUserData: longint ); stdcall;

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In natural language, this declaration means: "Be pCompletePlay a pointer to a function which has two long parameters, using the stdcall calling convention", as the macro CALLBACK is defined as

#define CALLBACK    __stdcall

in windef.h.

The delphi declaration for this would be:

  pCompleteplay : procedure( lvrPlayHandle, lUserData : LongInt);stdcall;
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Nothing special. pCompletePlay is just a type of function pointer which points to void (*)(LONG, LONG);

So, when you write: pCompletePlay foo; // foo is a function just like you declare.

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OP asked for delphi declaration of function pointers. – sum1stolemyname Nov 22 '10 at 9:07

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