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i have this situation, i have a winform which has arround 10 to 15 lable and comboboxes which are all not visible. now at runtime i am passing a how many to of these to be activated? their name properties are from lable1 to lable16 and combobox1 to combobox16. i am using the following code only to test if i can find the controls but it seems to fail all, ho and by the was these controls and comboboxes are over a pannel.

the following is the code i used:

foreach (Control ctrl in this.Controls) 
                if (ctrl is Label) 
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in your else, call this method recursively. –  KMån Nov 22 '10 at 8:38

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You have actually sort of answered your own question... You don't find the controls in this.Controls but Panel1.Controls :)

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You will have to replace this.Controls with this.Panel1.Controls or what ever your panel control name is.

Also mayne rather have a look at Control.ControlCollection.Find Method to make use of the control name.

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You have to make this recursive.

The ctrl itself also has a Controls. If you just walk the entire tree, you will eventually find all controls.

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you can check whether the current control (ctrl) has controls or not in order to loop through them


if (ctrl.Controls.Count >0)
//do your logic here
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