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I'm trying to output a sentence containing 4 variables, with their values emboldened using the following code:

<mx:Text width="100%" y="307">
        <![CDATA[Showing data from <b>{labelStartTime.text} {labelStartDate.text}</b> to <b>{labelEndTime.text} {labelEndDate.text}</b>]]>

However, this just outputs the variable names, rather than their values. I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but I'd appreciate any pointers.


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I know of a workaround:


private var variable:String = "Variable String";
private var str:String = "<i><b>" + Variable + "</b></i>";


<Text htmlText="{str}" />
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I don't think it's possible to add bindings directly in a CDATA section like that, you do have a couple of options though :

  1. Use a function, taking advantage of BindingUtils.bindSetter :
    import mx.binding.utils.BindingUtils;
    //called on creationComplete
    private function init():void
        BindingUtils.bindSetter(setHtmlText, labelStartTime, "text");
        BindingUtils.bindSetter(setHtmlText, labelStartDate, "text");
        BindingUtils.bindSetter(setHtmlText, labelEndTime, "text");
        BindingUtils.bindSetter(setHtmlText, labelEndDate, "text");
    private function setHtmlText(val:String):void
        myText.htmlText = "Showing data from <b>" + 
        					labelStartTime.text + " " + 
        					labelStartDate.text + "</b> to <b>" + 
        					labelEndTime.text + " " +
        					labelEndDate.text + "</b>";
  2. Or simply encode the tags and insert them directly into the attribute :
    <mx:Text id="myText" width="100%" y="307" 
             htmlText="Showing data from &lt;b&gt;{labelStartTime.text} {labelStartDate.text}&lt;/b&gt; to &lt;b&gt;{labelEndTime.text} {labelEndDate.text}&lt;/b&gt;"/>
    This isn't really recommended as it makes the markup incredibly difficult to read, but you might get away with it for something small like this.
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