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When a user request comes in, I can use Context.Request.UserHostAddress to get the user's IP address. How can I get the IP address of the website/server at runtime? I have some reporting code that can be used by multiple websites on the same server, and each website uses a different IP address. So I need to be able to detect the website's IP address at runtime.

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by the way, you must pass in as an argument the name of the host, so perhaps try this:


And if all else fails, just do it the old school way:

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Thanks Alex, your answer put me on the right path. Here is the code to do what I am looking for:




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This doesn't work if your host is behind a content switch. What would you need to do to find the IP address on which the local server's site is running in IIS if you're behind a content switch? –  lorddev Jun 17 '09 at 1:08
     string siteName = "Your Site URL";
     string tempUrl = siteName.Replace("http://", "").Replace("https://", "").Trim();
     string[] SiteURLArr = tempUrl.Split('/');
     string SiteURL = SiteURLArr[0];
      System.Net.IPAddress[] ip = System.Net.Dns.GetHostAddresses(SiteURL);
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