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Maven2 checks for updates of stax-ex at every build. And it's just checking this single dependency, all other dependencies are updated only once per day.

Maven2 output:

artifact org.jvnet.staxex:stax-ex: checking for updates from

stax-ex (groupid: org.jvnet.staxex, version: 1.2) is included as part of jaxws-rt (groupid:, version: 2.1.3). We have an artifactory repository as intermediary.

What could I do? ( Building offline would be an unpopular work-around.)

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It looks like you have remote repository declarations in your POMs that bypass your enterprise repository. If you are using Artifactory you can either have remote repository references in POMs automatically stripped off on a virtual repository level, or configure mirror-any in your settings to enforce artifact resolution go strictly through your Artifactory.

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