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I have done this with Eclipse built-in editor, and with 'schemagen' and annotations from Java class.

Can this been done faster and more easily with some other tool, i just need very basic xsd.

thank you

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Some IDEs, like Visual Studio, allow you to load an XML file and have it automatically build an XSD Schema for you... Can't get much easier than that :)

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This site can do XML to XSD flame-ware.com/products/xml-2-xsd/default.aspx My IDE - Eclipse Galileo 3.5 IDE does not have this option but some Eclipse based IDEs like RAD have this Generate option. But one very important question remains: What will happen with optional attributes? If they were not present in original XML, then XSD will not have them too... –  reg Nov 25 '10 at 13:37
@reg, Yes you will need to learn a bit about XSD files and possibly tweak the auto-generated schema yourself. The best guide I've seen so far (although it's not perfect) is here: w3schools.com/schema/default.asp Shame there's no tool that helps you construct a more complicated schema, you'll have to do it manually I'm afraid. –  Chuck Nov 25 '10 at 14:12

Free online tool that generates a basic XSD on a given XML: http://www.flame-ware.com/products/xml-2-xsd/

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you can do that with any text Editor. Of course there are XML-specific tools like Editix or xmlSpy by Altova. But if it sonly simple .xsd then I think XMLFox will be fine.

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