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What is this type of initialization know as:

long i=12l;        //using 'l' to denote long variable
double d=12.0d;    //using 'd' to denote double variable

Is there a difference between:

long i=12l;
long i=12L;
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These are just declaring and initializing a variable in the same statement, and using literals to supply the initial values.

There's no difference between the two statements in the second snippet - except for readability. It's much easier to read "L" because it looks nothing like a "1". (One of the Java Puzzlers is based on this - and apparently the whole book's font was chosen to make that puzzle even harder.)

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I was reading Java puzzler's when i came across the uppercase literal.I just asked so as to make sure if they are same as lowercase literals. –  Emil Nov 22 '10 at 10:14
  1. Definition and intialisation in the same statement
  2. Yes, readability
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