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Hey, I have a problem similar to this one (click).

Approx 2 hours ago Django stopped running my tests. And I have no idea why. I did some refactoring, then got an ImportError and after I reverted the file, Django stopped running any of my tests. I already deleted all the *.pyc files but nothing changed.

The situation: I organize all my tests in a sperate test-package. The structure is the following:


The __init__.py files define a suite() method that will return all the tests inside the packages like this:

def suite(): 
    suite = TestSuite()


    return suite

I tried to debug and set a breakpoint in the topmost __init__.py file in the test-package but this breakpoint is never reached.

Any ideas what I am missing?

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Ha.. Now I found the error.

The problem was, that I ONLY thought I fixed all ImportErrors. When I started a shell using manage.py shell and then tried to import the tests-package I saw some other ImportErrors. Fixed them and now the tests are running again.

Wished the testrunner would have indicated that something went wrong!

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