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I'm using an anonymous delegate in my code calling this example function:

public static int TestFunction(int a, int b) {
    return a + b;

The delegate looks like this:

var del = new Func<int, int, int>(TestFunction);

My question is: how do you specify a void return type for TResult? The following doesn't work:

public static void OtherFunction(int a, string b) { ... }
var del = new Func<int, string, void>(OtherFunction);
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If there is no return type, you want Action<int,string>:

var del = new Action<int, string>(OtherFunction);

or just:

Action<int, string> del = OtherFunction;
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You have to use Action< T > if you want to return void.

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You need Action< T > if you don't want to return something

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