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I have an NSIS-based installer file called setup.exe. When I go into Properties->Details, many details are missing. When I run the installer, UAC requests for elevated permissions (which is ok), but the publisher is "Unknown".

How can I set these properties in the final setup.exe, preferably by only changing the NSIS installer script itself?

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For the properties, you need version info table: various VIAddVersionKey directives and VIProductVersion. As an example, here's a snippet from the PortableApps.com Launcher:

Name "${NamePortable} (PortableApps.com Launcher)"
OutFile "${PACKAGE}\${AppID}.exe"
Icon "${PACKAGE}\App\AppInfo\appicon.ico"
Caption "${NamePortable} (PortableApps.com Launcher)"
VIProductVersion ${Version}
VIAddVersionKey ProductName "${NamePortable}"
VIAddVersionKey Comments "A build of the PortableApps.com Launcher for ${NamePortable}, allowing it to be run from a removable drive.  For additional details, visit PortableApps.com"
VIAddVersionKey CompanyName PortableApps.com
VIAddVersionKey LegalCopyright PortableApps.com
VIAddVersionKey FileDescription "${NamePortable} (PortableApps.com Launcher)"
VIAddVersionKey FileVersion ${Version}
VIAddVersionKey ProductVersion ${Version}
VIAddVersionKey InternalName "PortableApps.com Launcher"
VIAddVersionKey LegalTrademarks "PortableApps.com is a Trademark of Rare Ideas, LLC."
VIAddVersionKey OriginalFilename "${AppID}.exe"

As for the publisher field in the UAC prompt, that is different. That's to do with signing. You'll need a digital certificate first, which costs money, and then you can integrate it with !finalize.

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!finalize is for SVN builds only, you have to wait for 2.47 for that command. But there are some other threads on the NSIS forum about signing using !system –  Anders Nov 22 '10 at 17:06
@Anders: ah, I just searched for "nsis sign" (knowing it can be done, our head guy signs our stuff) and found plenty about signing uninstallers but nothing much about installers. (Wiki page about signing uninstallers but nothing about signing installers? That should be rectified.) I didn't recognise !finalise but thought it might have been introduced in 2.46 and I forgot about it. Considering I had done a Vim syntax file for it and gone through the commands, I think I just didn't really think about it. –  Chris Morgan Nov 22 '10 at 23:48

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