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Zend + TinyMCE use view variable in tinyMCE dialog; how to retreive the view variable for a file outside the zend framework?

I' creating a plugin for tinyeMCE, in which the user can select a list of pages from the CMS. I retreive the values from the database and pass these to the view file. This works on the page itself. Now I want to use this in the dialog screen of tinyMCE. The plugin uses a .php file with the dialogs content. I'm unable to use the $this->variable like I would normally use.

So the (bigger) question is: How do I access the view variable from outside of the Zend Framework? (or be part of the Zend Framework?)

Additional info to answer

Found out, that using the code below is possible to call an action from zf:

ed.addCommand('mcepagelink', function() {
                file : url + '../../../../../admin/tinymce/pagelink',
                width : 320 + parseInt(ed.getLang('pagelink.delta_width', 0)),
                height : 200 + parseInt(ed.getLang('pagelink.delta_height', 0)),
                inline : 1
            }, {
                plugin_url : url, // Plugin absolute URL
                some_custom_arg : 'custom arg' // Custom argument

Going back roots is off course depending on you application structure

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I would suggest pointing the URL for your plugin at a Zend Framework page instead. That way you can use the same (or similar) code, and use the view variables as normal.

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I was working on a custom file and image browser, and using the callback function I found out that I'm able to point to a controller, so I'm using this approach for this as well. – Rick de Graaf Nov 25 '10 at 14:14

Why don't you use a js-varaible to store the value of $this->variable?

Another approach is to initialize tinymce with an additional setting:

my_custom_var: '<?php echo $this->variable ?>',

which you can reffer to later in a plugin using

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