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I am using the following Django Snippet to export the results of the admin change_list page to csv

I have this working but currently I can only get it to export the fields which are defined in the list_display variable.

The function accepts a list (named as fields, see below) as a variable which defines which fields you want to export but I can't work out how to pass this into the function. This is because the function is called using the url pattern which does not include a fields variable.

def admin_list_export(request, model_name, app_label, queryset=None, fields=None, list_display=True): 
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You should be able to pass parameters to the function in the url definition:

 'util.csv_view.admin_list_export', {'fields': ['myfield1', 'myfield2']}),

You can also pass list_display = False to the function and it will ignore the list_display setting on your ModelAdmin and use all fields the model has!

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And you can even get more out of it and more easily using this snippet

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