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I want to know what are the differences between a MANIFEST.MF file and a .SF file in the Android context.

As I can see, MANIFEST.MF file has the sha1 digest of each source file of an Android .apk.

However .SF also lists all sources and computes a SHA1 digest. On what is this digest value computed??

Any ideas?

Also how to view a .RSA(Signature block file)?

Thanks in advance

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The digests in the .SF file are computed by hashing the 3 lines of the corresponding entry in the .MF file. The .RSA (or .DSA) file contains a signature of the .SF file created from the signing private key, along with the public certificate chain of the signing key. The .RSA (or .DSA) file is in a binary (i.e. non-human readable) format that can be programmatically parsed with effort. More information can be found at

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