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I am creating an ajax function to edit some settings.

these must be handled via the url


the url would be

This works fine but. One of the settings is a url.

How could I pass this in this way?

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You should consider switching the Ajax call to a POST request (instead of a GET request). This is simple to do in most AJAX toolkits. – Bruce Alderson Nov 22 '10 at 16:11
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this might work

$url = '';

$encoded = base64_encode($url);

// Make your URL
$my_url = "" . $encoded;

// redirect or whatever

$encoded_url = $this->uri->segment(4); // (or wherever the URL is)

$url = base64_decode($encoded_url);
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+1. This is the only way I know to do that. But of course it is better to switch to POST request. – Armen Markossyan Nov 22 '10 at 18:38

Look for the URI Class:

From index.php/user/search/name/joe/location/UK/gender/male

You can get:

    'name' => 'joe'
    'location'  => 'UK'
    'gender'    => 'male'


$array = $this->uri->uri_to_assoc(3);

You can also find useful $this->uri->segment_array() .

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I am aware of this. But, One of the params (lets say location is a website location) is a url you end up with ` index.php/user/search/name/joe/location/` I am sure you can see the issue there... – Hailwood Nov 22 '10 at 12:40
Try with the segment_array(), you can ignore the first value if is something like /ajax/setting1/setting2. It will work. – ipalaus Nov 22 '10 at 12:43
That is not the issue. The issue is, the characters in the url are breaking it. – Hailwood Nov 22 '10 at 12:45

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