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I am integrating Banner Ads into my BB application.

Unfortunatelly, I am getting a strange NPE.

When I comment out the code to create/add Banner to my screen - I never get the NPE.

I'm running the default Strom 9530 BB simulator for JDE 4.7.0.

I tried to use debugger - however on debugger startup JDE asks me to provide '.debug' file for the net_rim_bbapi_adv_appXXXXX.cod which is not available on my side. So when I get the NPE I don't see the "full picture".

Anyway, here is the call stack I see in the JDE debugger:

Calling Method                                                         Line

BrowserContentlmpl.requestSecondaryURL(String, boolean, boolean)               443
BrowserContentlmpl.addSecondaryURL(String, SecondaryURLNode, boolean)          404
HTMLGenericElement, Border, String, int, int, int, int)                       6198
HTMLBaseRenderer.processElementlmg(HTMLGenericElement, boolean)               1992
HTMLBaseRenderer.processTag(int, HTMLGenericElement, boolean, boolean)        1114
HTMLBaseRenderer.handleOpenTag( HTMLGenericElement, boolean)                   970
RHTMLRenderer.handleTag(int)                                                  1620
RHTMLRenderer.parseData()                                                      602
HTMLBaseRenderer.finishProcessingData()                                        853
BrowserContentlmpl.finishLoading()                                             693
HTMLBrowserContent.finishLoading()                                             462
BrowserContentManager.handleNewContent()                                        92
BrowserContentManager.setContent(HttpConnection, RenderingApplication, Event)   56

The issue happens only if I push any other Screen over my Banner containing Screen while the Banner is not fully loaded.

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RIM developer jreda on BB support forum confirms the issue and says:

We have confirmed that this is an issue with the ad service library for the 4.x OS. It will be fixed in the next release but in the meantime there shouldn't be any adverse effects on your users as the exception should be silently logged. If you are debugging, the device will pause and you will need to resume to move past the exception but in normal operation the user should not notice the an exception has occurred.

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