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I have an ant target for creating zip like this -

<zip destfile="${dist}/">
    <zipfileset dir="docs/manual" prefix="docs/userguide"/>    

This basically creates archive with all the files and directories under docs/manual prefixed with docs/userguide in the archive.

But I don' want to include all the directories under docs/manual to be copied into the archive, I have a directory called old under docs/manual which I want to exclude...How to achieve this?

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From the ZipFileSet reference page

<zipfileset> supports all attributes of <fileset> in addition to those listed below.

So see FileSet for reference.

This is how you do it:

<zipfileset dir="docs/manual" prefix="docs/userguide">    
    <exclude name="old/**"/>

or inline as attribute:

<zipfileset dir="docs/manual" prefix="docs/userguide" exclude="old/**" />

Update: Using wildcards now instead of simple name.

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Thanks for your answer, But this does not seem to be working for excluding the entire directory, How ever I could see that if I use any file name in place of "old", the file is getting excluded. – Johnbabu Koppolu Nov 22 '10 at 13:18
OK, then you need to use ant wildcards. something like old/** – Sean Patrick Floyd Nov 22 '10 at 13:28
<zip destfile="${dist}/" excludes="docs/manual/old/**">
    <zipfileset dir="docs/manual" prefix="docs/userguide"/>    
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you can exclude an entire directory by this:

<zipfileset dir="docs/manual" prefix="docs/userguide" exlcudes="**/old/**"/>
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This answer excludes all files in that directory AND the directory itself. The accepted answer above only excludes the contents of the directory when I tried it, but the directory itself was still included – Brian Gleeson - IBM Jun 26 '14 at 10:51

This was the only one that worked for me for removal of specific file pattern

<zip destfile="${bin.dir}/boo.jar">
   <zipfileset dir="${classes.dir}" excludes="**/*/BooCreator*.class"/>
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