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I am trying to build a web-application that will serve as classifieds and a bulletin board. The goal of the application is to help local commerce through internet. The data in the currently existing sites are not well organized .

My application will consist of 1. Bulletin Board (Where you can buy or sell second hand products and things like that) 2. Ask a question Page (Where users can post questions about the locality and get it answered )

My question is , which is the best server side technology to use. I am a Java developer and my target city has around 50,000 people accessing internet .

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50,000 potential users is really not that much to be an issue, so if you're familiar with Java, just find a good framework for it and use that!

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Agreed, suggested Java frameworks to consider - Grails, Tapestry5 –  Joel Nov 22 '10 at 14:20

Looks like the scope and target user base is small.

I suggest you consider using existing ecommerce framework. I am not sure if an open source one exists which is based on Java, but you can find several stable ones developed using PHP. Most of which will not require much coding and if you are prolific in coding, you can easily pick up the required syntax should you need to write codes in PHP.

Look here for your possible options.

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