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I would like to add a gap between two buttons on an Eclipse toolbar. Both these buttons are defined in the plugin.xml for the plugin. I have tried specifying a separator, as per the following XML snippet, but nothing shows up.

<menuContribution locationURI="toolbar:com.bogus.viewId.MyView">
          label="Filter Menu"
          tooltip="Filter Menu" />
 <menuContribution locationURI="toolbar:com.bogus.viewId.MyView">
     <separator name="com.bogus.separator1" />
 <menuContribution locationURI="toolbar:com.bogus.viewId.MyView">
          tooltip="BOOM!" />

As a side note, does anyone know where I can find a decent schema definition for the plugin.xml file? This is the best I could find so far, but its poor.


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Above thing is not work for me. Here is my code.

                <command commandId="com.qas.javatestsuite" icon="icons/qas/testjavasuite.png"
                tooltip="Create New Java TestSuite Project" id="com.qas.toolbar"
                label="Java Test Suite Project">
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So it turns out the separator element can have a 'visible' attribute and this must be set to true.

<separator name="com.bogus.separator1" visible="true" />

I found this out by random googling. Still couldn't find a decent schema definition for the plugin.xml.

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