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I am using .NET remoting to retrieve periodic status updates from a Windows service into a 'controller' application which is used to display some live stats about what the service is doing.

The resulting network traffic is huge - many times the size of the data for the updates - so clearly I have implemented the remoting code incorrectly in a very inefficient way. As a first step towards fixing it, I need to monitor the traffic on the IP port the service is using to talk to the controller, so that I can establish a baseline and then verify a fix.

Can anyone recommend a utility and/or coding technique that I can use to get the traffic stats? A "bytes sent" count for the port would suffice.

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Wireshark is one of the best tools for capturing and analyzing IP traffic.

[Edit] Sort of lame that you answered first and didn't get the check mark. I didn't mean to snake you. +1 as a consolation.

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I highly recommend Wireshark for traffic analysis.

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