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I have a problem setting a cdata node with jquery. Getting cdata is easily done with the .text() function, but if I use .text('jquery > handy') it doesn't create a cdata node.

This is my procecure: I get form data in xml to load in a form something like this:

  <field id="title"><![CDATA[Some title]]></field>
  <field id="description"><![CDATA[Some description]]></field>

I use cdata nodes because a field can contain all kinds of special chars. Then I load the data in the form by getting the node content with .text()

If the user posts the form, I update the xml and convert it to a sting to post it to the server. I know I could just post the fields, but I have some good reasons to put it in an xml document. Everything works very well, but not if the user does some input with special characters. This is how i set the value of the node (in this example the "descriptioon node")


So the node used to be cdata, but the .text() function removes that. I alo tried this:

domdoc.find('field[id="description"]').text('<![CDATA[' + $("#description").val() + ']]>');

This also doesn't work because .text() changes < to &gt;

does anyone has a solution? My inspiration is gone.....

Thanks, Simon

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Just set text, without adding <![CDATA[. CDATA is just one of the ways to escape text in XML, but since jQuery escapes for you, you don't need to use another method. &lt; is just as good as <![CDATA[<]]>. For XML applications they're identical.

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Thanks porneL, I'll try to figure it out that way. –  simon Nov 22 '10 at 15:37
Thanks to you I figured it out! still, its a bit strange you cannot use the cdata functionality.... –  simon Nov 22 '10 at 22:06
This totally doesn't help you if you want, for example, some one to be able to insert HTML into your XML. Such as <html-comment><![CDATA[[Please click <a>here</a>.</html-comment>]]> –  Spider Sep 28 '11 at 16:34

Simple solution. Create a CData Section Node and Append it to your XML. I struggled with the JQuery .text() with no luck. This worked fantastic.

            var cDataSection = self.xmlDocument.createCDATASection(text);
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