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I created a overlay which i am using to show while doing ajax requests. In firefox it works great! But in IE7 i don't see the Div.

my div is simple its the first element after Body

<div id="overlay">

and my css is here

#overlay {

I think it maybe something to do with the sizing as i placed some text in the div and i don't see it on IE7 but i do on firefox.

Does anyon know where its not working, i am at a bit of a loss :-)

I tried removing display:none and its the same and i also inserting height:auto and still no joy.

I am using jquery to show and hide it liek so, but this isn't the problem as i removed Display:none and i don't see the div which should be over the top of the rest of the content


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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I tested in ie7 and works just like ie8. –  Sotiris Nov 22 '10 at 15:37

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since your div is positioned in absolute you should specify an height (different than auto). This can be done declaring height:100% to #overlay , then also html, body { height: 100% } when you open the overlay and html, body { height: auto } when closing the overlay);

Another (better) way is to dinamically calculate the height of body elements via javascript (e.g. document.body.offsetHeight) and then assign to the #overlay as a height

document.getElementById('overlay').style.height = document.body.offsetHeight + 'px';

this would be written in you jQuery snippet as

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Try the following additional CSS:

#overlay {
    zoom: 1;
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