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Is it possible to create a project template containing three projects?

I've built a sample project for my client which contains the basic structure for all their new applications. It would be sweet to be able to create a project template from it to make everything a lot easier.

Projects in the solution

  • ProjectName.Abstractions
  • ProjectName.Services
  • ProjectName.WebClient

What I really would like is a solution template =)

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There are no solution templates, but there are multi-project templates:


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If you want to create a solution which contains three project as above. Just follow method of creating multi-project template.

And then in .csproj file of main project, replace

<ProjectReference Include="\ProjectName.Services\ProjectName.Services.csproj">

with below code,

<ProjectReference Include="\$safeprojectname$.Services\$safeprojectname$.Services.csproj">
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