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I am using Google Protobuf with CMake. On Linux the Protobuf library is found by:

find_package( Protobuf REQUIRED )

CMake knows where to look for the library. How though do I get this to work in Windows? Is there an environment variable I should create, such as PROTOBUF_LIB? I have looked in FindProtobuf.cmake but cannot work out what is required.

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Protobuf on windows calls find_library which will search your PATH and LIB variables.

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Thanks, I have since discovered that find_library also searches CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH, CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH and CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH. –  John W Nov 23 '10 at 13:41

I also struggled with this. To be more clear.

On Windows (7, similar on older windows): Start --> Control Panel --> System --> Advanced System Settings --> Environment Variables

Then either on the top panel or the bottom panel (if you want it to apply to other users do it on the bottom), create two new variables. The 1st one is

  • CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH which points at the bottom of your include path (should contain a "google" folder)
  • CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH which should contain "libprotobuf" "libprotobuf-lite" "liteprotoc" .lib files.

After you create the variables press OK and then re-start cmake (or clean the cache).

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