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I've used Google Analytics for long enough to know that it doesn't work very well (issues on mobile phones and for people who've disabled Javascript, WAY too much of a lag time in updating). Currently, I'm just logging every request made of a page and updating a counter in my database, but I know that's inefficient and very crude (I'm not distinguishing between people and bots, I'm logging every page refresh as a new view).

What do you suggest for building a simple pageview counter? Another web analytics service? Writing my own counter that builds in rules like requiring that multiple pageviews from the same IP within 5 seconds of each other don't count? I've seen some people recommend parsing my production logs - I'm deploying on Heroku and don't have any idea where to start with that.


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We moved from GA to GetClicky some time ago and it's far far better. They provide a non-JS tracking code as well. Give it a try.

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getclicky is awesome. –  jonnii Nov 22 '10 at 16:29
Okay, I'm taking a look at it. Know of any Ruby gems or anything to let me easily access their API in my app? –  kateray Nov 22 '10 at 23:20
Nope, but you can ask support@getclicky.com he usually replies very quickly. –  Leonardo Dario Perna Nov 23 '10 at 14:39

Do what you want in a rack middleware. Inside you can put all code you want.

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