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Hey all - In Android, I wrote a number of strings in my string.xml I would like to display on a TextView based on a random number...Here is what I have:

  int randCropPercentage = (int) Math.ceil(Math.random() * 100);  
  Random randPhrase50 = new Random();
        int[] array50 = new int[] { R.string.ss2, R.string.ss4, R.string.ss5,
                R.string.st4, R.string.st5, R.string.tt2, R.string.tt3,
                R.string.tt5, R.string.to2, R.string.to3, R.string.to4,
                R.string.os5 };
        int randPhrase = randPhrase50.nextInt(array50.length - 1);

Inside an if statement, I have this:

 if (randomCropPercentage < 50){

But I know I am not doing it right because I get the error:

The method array50(int) is undefined for the type MAIN

Any ideas?

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The fact is you should write this:


Arrays give the access to elements not via (), but via []

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Accessing an array is with []

Try this : mTheMessage.setText(array50[randPhrase]);

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