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I'm probably missing something here, but when I use WebClient and look for the DownloadString method (as found in a book example), I only see DownloadStringAsync.

What Import am I missing?

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Are you using Silverlight? Only the Async version is available in Silverlight. Otherwise, the .NET 4 Framework and below (except 1.x) have the DownloadString() method.

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Ahh...that explains it. Yes. Messing with Silverlight coming from WPF. – mraviator Nov 22 '10 at 16:38

as indicated here, it looks like the DownloadString method is part of System.Net.

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Well, I think you're creating a Silverlight application. In that case it is a normal thing: you will find usually only asynchronous methods in Silverlight applications; this makes your UI more responsive because operations will be executed in another thread without blocking it.

Try to create a desktop application (Console Application, WPF, etc.) and you will find the method you're looking for.

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