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I am using the python sleekxmpp library to do some work with gchat, my question is: how do I send a presence stanza so that other people see me as invisible (but still be logged on and able to send/receive presencce/messages? So far I have tried self.sendPresence(ppriority = "0", ptype="unavailable") but that seems to stop my ability to receive other users presence stanzas.

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You're stopping a bit short of properly setting up invisibility. After you send "unavailable" you need to send more data in jabber:iq:privacy stanzas, as described in XEP-0126 Invisibility. Once upon a time most clients used XEP-0018 Invisible Presence, but as XMPP became more defined it was realized that that method, though easier, was very non-standard.

The problem is you've told the server you really are unavailable, not just sneakily so.

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Does GTalk implement XEP-126? – Joe Hildebrand Jan 3 '12 at 17:19
Joe, I'm not sure.… indicates they may have done it on the web client, google app engine (…) docs don't say anything about it. I suppose I could test it, but then I'd know for sure, and what fun is that? – A. R. Diederich Jan 12 '12 at 5:51

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