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Is there a helper library out there for doing these types of date calculations like in Rails?

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There is no build in function, but you could define your own:

Date.prototype.endOfWeek = function(){
  return new Date( 
      this.getDate() + 6 - this.getDay() 

var now = new Date();

// returns next saturday; and returns saturday if it is saturday today.
console.log( now.endOfWeek() );
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Yes. DateJS

I'm not sure what you consider "end of week", assuming it's Saturday, I believe


will give you the next Saturday (or today, if today is Saturday)

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I built a time library that have some of these methods, time.js.

It doesn't have all the stuff DateJS have, which can be good and bad depending on how you look at it ;)

If I was able to I'd reproduce the code needed to take any Date instance to end of the current week, but it's a little bit involved. Should be easy enough to figure out the basics by looking at the code, though.

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+1 for the ref to your excellent library, small, simple to use and has just the essentials for everyday tasks. –  Maks May 19 '12 at 3:58

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