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In a Razor View Engine template, I want to do the following: I want to put some code between the double quotes of an html attribute. The trouble is that the piece of code I want to insert contains some double quotes itself.

<a href="Url.Action("Item", new { id = Model.Item.Id, page = page });">@page</a>

You can easily see how things turn horribly wrong :-) I know i can calculate the link in a variable and then use it, but I'd rather not:

@{ var action = Url.Action("Question", new { id = Model.Question.Id, page = page }); }                   
<a href="@action">@page</a>                                        
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You don't need to escape or anything using Razor. Razor is smart enough to know when quotes are within attributes because you're escaping outside of html when you parse it.

<a href="@Url.Action("Item", 
       new { id = Model.Item.Id, page = page })">@page</a>

That code will work fine - Just make sure you have the @ symbol in front of the Url.Action call because if you don't it won't be parsed properly and I notice you don't have it in your question.

Edit: removed ; as Url.Action is not a statement.

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One note: if you need a constant prefix in your attribute combined with Razor expression, you need to add parenthesis after the @ char, otherwise Razor treats it as an e-mail address. Example: id="prefix@(Model.Id)" – Igor Brejc Dec 17 '11 at 18:40

Maybe I didn't understand your question in which case please correct me but can't you simply:

@Html.ActionLink(page, "Question", new { id = Model.Question.Id, page = page })
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This may be correct :

href="@(action)"> @page 
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Sad you got down voted - the solution to my problem was to add @(xxx) instead of without the ()'s - and I presume that is what you were saying - put the 'action' stuff inside ()'s - which solved my problem exactly, @xxx didn't work inside of "" – Traderhut Games Jun 10 at 16:29

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