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I have a friend who has code like this in his wordpress files:

Blockquote \x66\x75\x6e\x63\x74\x69 Blockquote

And so on...

How do I decode this? Is there an online tool to do it?

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You can decode it online using the 'Hex to ASCII' tool at: http://www.yellowpipe.com/yis/tools/encrypter/index.php

You don't paste in the 'Blockquote', but everything in between the blockquote tags.

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It works with the mode "Hex to ASCII" and all "\x" removed. The function return the string value "functi", as Blah said. –  guerda Jan 8 '09 at 17:05
It even works with the \x markers left intact, so there's no need to manipulate the string. –  Matt Poush Jan 8 '09 at 17:11

The text is an ASCII representation of some hexidecimal characters, how you would decode it would depend very much on the programming language you were using. Here is a sample of a recent hex to ASCII post that may be helpful.

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It's just hex... It converts to: "functi"

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Try adding a solution for some vote up points. –  cjk Jan 8 '09 at 16:59

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