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I am using criteria to get a list of notifications that contains users that are active. The problem is that i get the following error:

org.hibernate.QueryException: could not resolve property: of:

Other then checking that the user is active i need to check that the notification is of a type that i want. Here is my code:

    .add(Restrictions.or(Restrictions.eq("type", "email"), 
    .add(Restrictions.eq("", true)).list();

Notification has a field User user which in turn has a field Boolean active

i am looking at this page:

but i am still not groking how to create a criteria that accesses something in the parent object and in child object.

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try this:

    .add(Restrictions.or(Restrictions.eq("type", "email")
    .createCriteria("user") // this creates the join on the user table...
    .add(Restrictions.eq("active", true)).list();

hope that helped...

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