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I noticed that one of my feed items was talking about Prismv4, so I went and downloaded it. But, I thought Microsoft was working on their own MVVM Framework.

So I guess my question is:

  • Is this the framework MS is backing/supporting now?
  • Is it the same Prism we're used to?

Basically, I wanted to get a framework that's great for WPF and easy, so I was gonna try MVVM Foundation since Prism seemed to be a bit much for me at the moment, who knows... maybe I'll give Prism a chance if MS is backing it.

I know there is another post about the differences in the different MVVM Frameworks, however MS putting a download to one of them is new to me.

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Microsoft is backing Prism.

See this MSDN magazine article, this MSDN Library page and this Developers Guide to Microsoft Prism.

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