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i have an English Drupal installation but the frontend needs to be dutch. Now i asked a few weeks ago if it's possible to install a different backend and frontend language but this seems to be difficult. Now i only have one small message that isn't translated yet in the frontend and this is the required field error message (... field is required). How can i edit this translations? The may be an easy not so clean solution.

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If you want an english backend and Dutch frontend you should use admin language that should fix that problem for you. In regards to translating the field required, that should be simple enough. It use a placeholder, so you might need to look for something like

@field is required

Drupal use this system when it use the same string with a dynamic value so you only need to translate it once and not for every combo.

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thanks, for the admin_language module, but i found how to do this simple translation. You can override the translations using 'String overrides' ins settings.php

kind regards, Daan

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