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I have a string:

$uri = "start/test/go/";

Basically I need to know which regular expression and PHP function I can use to match the first item with a forward slash ("/") and remove it from the string. It should also work if the first item is not start and is anything else which might also have a space in it. So all these combination should work:

$uri = "start_my_test/test/go/";
$uri2 = "start my test/test/go/";

Then after the RegEx it should always return:

$newUri = "test/go/";

Oh and the other side of the string could be anything as well, So basically I want it to delete anything before the first occurrence of a forward slash.


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$result = preg_replace('/^[^\/]*\//' , '', $subject);

This says "start at the beginning of the string" ^, "match any number of characters that are not a forward slash" [^\/]*, then match a single forward slash \/ -- and "replace the whole matched thing with nothing" ''.

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Since this was a regex question, your answer is correct and works. But performance wise the non regex answers are more feasible. –  Franky Chanyau Nov 22 '10 at 22:44
Well, the performance differences are really minuscule -- we're talking a few processing cycles that nobody will notice unless you are running the thing hundreds of thousands of times in a row. So it comes down to code clarity, maintainability, and stylistic choices. In terms of code clarity, strstr might be a better solution for this problem, but stylistically I tend to prefer regex anyway, because I personally find them familiar and easy to read. –  Ben Lee Nov 22 '10 at 22:46

Use strstr to find the first occurrence of a string in php.

That in itself should return the remainder of the string.

see here

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To fully remove the string like I wanted I had to add a substr around the strstr to remove the left over forward slash at the beginning. e.g. substr(strstr($uri, "/"), 1); –  Franky Chanyau Nov 22 '10 at 22:47

regex is too expensive an operation for what you need. use strpos and substr instead

$position = strpos($needle, $haystack);
if ( $position !== false ) {
  $result = substr($needle, $position + 1);
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